1. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get over Ellen ordering pizza at the Oscars… and all the celebs who loved it as well.


  2. Your favorite Neapolitan Pizza is at The 50 Yard Lounge today!


  3. The 50 Yard Line needed someone to represent authentic Neapolitan pizza at “Around the World” next Friday, and we were happy to oblige. Come by and circumnavigate the dining world!

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    #WalterWhite #BreakingBad #AMC #GIF #Pizza

    We recommend composting over the Walter White disposal method. But it’s up to you.

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  5. In a nice positive twist, the mayor’s pizza fork will be doing some good for charity. Just more proof that food and and activism can walk hand in hand.


  6. The time? Lunchtime.

    We’re down by 52nd and Park for lunch! Stop by and add some flavor to your day.


  7. Studies show alternative fuel is making a real dent in emissions!


  8. A picture of a sleek-looking truck is in The Week, look familiar?

  9. We think this would have worked with a Bufala. It’s a hard deal to resist.

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  10. chefstevedustin:

    Beautiful organic San Marzano Tomatoes from Blooming Hill Farm!

    Organic tomatoes: worth it or worth it?

  11. We’re down by 49th and 6th! We’d love to share some mozzarella with you.


  12. National Pizza Week

    It’s National Pizza Week! Though it’s hard to tell the difference here in NYC. Come stop by and celebrate with us, we’ll keep you posted on our location at https://twitter.com/NeaExpress

  13. Season’s greetings from Neapolitan Express! We hope you enjoy the holidays, and whatever the New Year brings.

  14. There’s wisdom in this.

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  15. That’s how you know you’ve found the one.